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For Toshitaka Amaoka, computer graphics programming is as much passion as profession. He works almost exclusively with Java, OpenGL and C. He graduated in 2002 from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, with a MPS in Interactive Telecommunications Program. He received his Ph.D. in Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Amaoka was born in Japan on September 25, 1970. Before coming to New York, he was an Oceanographer and studied automated carbon dioxide measurement system and carbon cycle in the ocean. These studies contributed to investigate the basic cycle of carbon to solve the earth environmental problems like Green House Effects. He joined many international conferences and attended international research cruises.

Upon graduation of Oceanography, he decided to continue working with science, but with his new interest, computer programming. His biggest interest is information visualization, to visualize invisible information using computer graphics in order to provide different perception and perspective of the ordinary life. His concept and approach are based on science and always represent the thinking in an artistic way. Meanwhile, he explores advanced aesthetic and perceptional representation using new media.

Now he is a media artist and software developer in the field of interactive installation and information visualization. His latest interactive theory involves an exploration of video and 3D, using video camera to capture images from the audience and to manipulate the images according to audience’s reaction.

Amaoka currently lives in Tokyo Japan. He is currently a Professor at Meisei University and concentrating on education, developing and promoting his arts projects through galleries, museums as well as worldwide art festivals.

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