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energetic pixels (2002)

An experimental video art inverts the relationship between pixels and images by giving new meaning to “pixels” which has always been the smallest component. In this project, each individual pixel contains different content and positions, other than sole color.

Usually televisions and computer monitors are constituted by static pixels, meaning that each pixel only possess single color information and represents the images on the displays by changing colors. Energetic Pixels shows more than colors. By capturing real-time video images, all pixels were given diverse content and positions, and then re-paint the information within the pixels. Meanwhile, the originally full images would be built up as puzzles, but with a greater scale and user interactivity.

This project works with one webcam and Apple Macintosh computer. Taking the video images from webcam, and then my original application, written in C language and OpenGL, manipulates the images to 3D graphics. The application will create 374 small video images and they constitute larger video images. According to the original video image color, Energetic Pixels move back and forward by moving the mouse.

Through this project, I realize by providing more information to video images, I will be able to create other senses other than visual. In this project, audience can feel a touching feeling through controlling the video images on the screen.


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