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+1D (2002)

+1D is a video art project that converts 2D real-time video images into 3D computer graphics. Audience will be able to explore the hidden information of the video and manipulate 3D images simply by moving mouse.

Color plays a significant role in visualization representation, like maps. Colors also contain meanings of another dimension, such as height, depth, concentration and so on. I apply these rules to real-time video in order to reveal the hidden color information of the video using 3D graphics.

In this project, the image consists of two elements. One is pixels, and the other is continuous lines. In order to create 3-dimension graphics, the application reorganizes pixels according to colors. One more dimension (Z-Axis) of each pixel is decided by its color intensity. In other words, the position of the pixel on the Z-axis is determined by its color; meanwhile, it allows users to explore the “inside” of the video by moving the mouse.

+1D project is constituted by one Apple Macintosh PowerMacG4, one wide screen monitor and one web cam or one DV camcorder. The web cam / DV camcorder supplies the videos to the Macintosh, then computer takes the images and manipulates them by the application programmed in C language and OpenGL.

+1D is not only a video art project but also a tool of information visualization. The main purpose of creating project is to visualize huge data set in an interesting, beautiful and clear way.

SIGGRAPH 2003 Emerging Technologies

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