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Personal Space-based Augmented Reality(2010)

[Abstract] This project is simulating the non-verbal communication between agents and real humans which has application... Show project details

directional personal space model : DPS model (2009)

I propose a mathematical model for the concept of Personal Space (PS) and apply it to simulate the non-verbal communicat... Show project details

Personal Space-based Interaction (2009)

I focus on the Personal Space (PS) as a non- verbal communication concept to build a new Human Computer Interaction. The... Show project details

collective body (2008)

1 OVERVIEW ”Collective Body” is a pioneer interactive installation that uses a real-time 3D scanner. Prior to this... Show project details

3D Reconstruction with Particles(2007)

to be compiled... [video width="640" height="480" m4v="http://www.amaoka.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/sketches_0092.m4v"... Show project details

neocubism (2002)

ABSTRACT NeoCubism is the combination of Cubism, a traditional painting technique, and new media technologies. 360-degr... Show project details

design machine (2002)

ABSTRACT Design Machine, a generative art project and color tracking system, is designed to represent the time accumula... Show project details

energetic pixels (2002)

ABSTRACT An experimental video art inverts the relationship between pixels and images by giving new meaning to "pixels"... Show project details

+1D (2002)

ABSTRACT +1D is a video art project that converts 2D real-time video images into 3D computer graphics. Audience will be... Show project details

connected (2001)

Connected project helps users to create an own map in their minds from real map. It's based on NYC Manhattan subway map.... Show project details